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High Performance Medical Balloons: When and Why Off-the-Shelf in Not Good Enough

Posted in Medical Device Development

Some manufacturers have developed and now offer lines of off-the-shelf medical balloons. However, many times these balloons are not as practical or ideal as a custom-made balloon. Tuned compliance with pressure, required wall thickness, exacting performance, and shape control as well as texture, radio-opacity, and other diverse balloon options simply cannot be achieved with an off-the-shelf balloon.

Though dip molded medical balloons have been available for many years, newer, high performance blow molded balloons have been changing the landscape of balloon catheter capabilities. Blow molding allows for greater design concepts and precision. In the molding process, balloons are formed around the walls of the mold cavity and molded under a vacuum, which improves quality and flexibility.

An experienced balloon developer can offer blow molding services, taking into consideration aging, shrinking, the annealing process, wall thickness, pressure requirements, and many other variables. Careful choice of balloon materials and characteristics starts with selecting correct tubing in the right quantity. Consistent lot-to-lot production will drive yield improvements, which are critical for manufacturing. An experienced balloon development company can provide rapid prototyping and testing, many times shortening time to market and providing cost savings in the long run.

A contract manufacturer will simplify the balloon catheter development process and help you, like a partner, to quickly and efficiently produce and achieve the exacting specifications needed for complex devices. So while an off-the-shelf balloon may seem like a quick and inexpensive way to build a proof-of-concept catheter prototype, you could waste time and money trying to reach the market with your product.

Via Biomedical can help you design a high performance medical balloon for your catheter, just like we did with the Vesair Bladder Control System, which fully expands and absorbs pressure in the bladder during everyday physical activities. Contact us to learn more about our wide range of balloon capabilities.