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Via Biomedical’s Molding Press: The GS-5T

Posted in Medical Device Development

Manufacturers use injection molding machines to make plastic parts in large volume at less cost. We’ve created our own compact mechanical table-top molding press—the perfect solution for prototyping and manufacturing runs. Read on to learn about the GS-5T.

Introducing the GS-5T

The GS-5T runs on 110 volts at 15 amps, so you can plug it into any household outlet. It’s powered by standard shop air and accepts thermoplastic materials with a melting point below 700 °F. The GS-5T’s accessible integrated controls and versatile plunger can process polyurethane, PEBA, nylon, acrylic, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, and other thermoplastic polymers.


Available with power conversion features, a customized workstation purge block, and additional barrels and blank molds, the standard GS-5T features:

  • Portable design
  • Semi-automatic operation mode
  • .25 ounce shot size
  • Three-inch dual-heated clamps (six-inch available)
  • Five-ton clamping force
  • 10,000 psi injection pressure


At Via Biomedical, we use our reliable, hand-built injection machine daily in our R&D labs and on the production floor. Research and test labs build initial prototypes with the GS-5T and can quickly modify them by switching out the barrel to use a different material. Perfect for assembly lines, small production runs, or prototyping, the GS-5T can mold hubs, strain reliefs, and other fittings on wires or tubes.


The GS-5T is a reliable alternative to outsourcing small to mid-sized plastic parts. Creating injection molded parts in-house will lower the project cost. Unlike large stationary hydraulic presses, the GS-5T quickly and efficiently molds parts without the design limitations of slides and cam mechanisms. You can easily change molds or switch out the barrel to experiment with different designs or plastics. In addition, our molding press:

  • Can be used on a bench in the lab or in a production line.
  • Makes any number of molded parts.
  • Takes small molds, which are cheaper to design because they don’t require as much tooling.
  • Doesn’t need to be cleaned in between material changes.
  • Cuts material change time to five minutes or fewer.
  • Reduces material waste.

Purchase your own GS-5T injection machine. We can help you develop your product, select materials, and design prototypes. Our experienced team is committed to your project budget and timeline. We’ll consider how materials, mold designs, and production processes will impact your manufacturing costs. Contact us to learn more.